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Tangkubanparahu Vulcano


Located 29 km North of Bandung or 13 km North of Lembang, it is an exotic crater having marvelous scenery. The facilities you could find here are large parking lot, souvenir kiosks. Donít forget this most popular lace if you visit Bandung.



Located 21 km Nort of Bandung or 5 km East of Lembang.   It is a cool and beautiful national park located at northern Bandung. You could find waterfall and hotspring here. Take a walk here and you would taste the fresh air and it will refresh your mind.



The park used to be called dago Pakar, located 8 km North of Bandungs down town.



Located in Cihideung Parongpong Sub District (Lembang region) Here you could admire many kinds beautiful flowers and fruits



Located in Padalarang Sub district, 17 km West of Bandung



Located in Cisarua sub district, 10 km from Cimahi.






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